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Talaria is in essence a sharing space where our clients and our team interact every day. The atmosphere of our center is based on this privileged relationship. At Talaria Business Center, Joelle, Marion, and Isaac are there to welcome you and advise you on the domiciliation of your business in Monaco.

Everyone on stage

We help ANP SAM SARL non-profit organizations entrepreneurs SCI dreamers landscapers engineers SCP mothers beared guys developers yogis

to domicile their business more easily more economicaly more serenely

by offering them a working environment pleasant functional warm welcoming alive dynamic

with everything you need for share thrive relax create receive read fill up with energy

Your Talaria team

Portrait Joelle


Tireless Joëlle, always on the go, always smiling, always full of energy!
The efficacy personified !

Portrait Marion


At Talaria, every 15 minutes, we can hear someone cry with laughter. 7 times out of 10, it is Marion.
Living proof that we can work very casually and show great professionalism !

Portrait Clement


From the Tropics he comes, with a smile as wide as Copacabana beach, welcoming as the sun of Rio, friendly as a refreshing caipirinha, Isaac is here to help you, always with good humor e o charme de um garoto de Ipanema.

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Vue Talaria

we meet you there

Talaria is above all a living space, friendly and warm, where we prioritize simplicity and sharing. It is also a burst of positive and caring energy thanks to a team that assists you and remains attentive to your everyday needs. We meet you there?

Homey business center in Monaco since 2014






Talaria, since 2015

Since 2015, Talaria has been assisting companies wishing to set up in Monaco. Specializing in domiciliation and business services, our team ensures you receive comprehensive support, ensuring compliance with local regulations. With Talaria, you benefit from an experienced and reliable partner for successful integration into the Monegasque market.